2 years warranty

Attentive service and professional after-sales service

Now led display variety, so many customer dazzing. Commercial squares have outdoor led display for advertising, however, the led display screen products are mixed, resulting in a number of security problems. Fire is the main problem.

Free Training


The company provide free on-site training on equipment operation to the technical personnel of the buyer, ensuring that the personnel of the user can be skilled in the routine use of various equipment and software as well as the judgment and resolution of minor faults.

Quick Response

 Any quality problem occurred during the nomal operation of the screen, after receiving your notification, our company engineer will give you the professional technicians to fixed it out in time.

Lifelong Maintenance

 Our company promises to provide customers with free telephone consultation, system upgrade and other services for life. Parts are damaged outside the warranty period, and only equipment cost is charged for the parts provided.